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The following images are available as broadsides.

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This broadside shows sixteen original Artist Trading Cards on a background printed by the artist, Diane Caudillo. Artist Trading Cards, (ATCs), are a fun format used by artists to make connections through trading art. The only "rule" about them is that they are 21/2" x 31/2". The convention is that artists trade, and don't sell them. I wanted to share this collection of cards before letting them go, so I photocopied them onto good quality paper, and present them to you, hoping to inspire your enjoyment of tiny artworks.
unframed broadside in a clear bag, 11" x 17" $15
item number: 07 - atc

Must Be Present to Win

Must Be Present to Win
This “mini-broadside” was printed by hand onto Rives BFK paper, using three silkscreen press runs.
This is an open, limited edition, suitable for framing. The idea came from the Tassajara Bread Book, by Edward Espe Brown.
unframed, in a clear bag, 4" x 6" $5
item number: 07 - win

You can order a broadside using the item number next to the image. Price as indicated, plus postage (and in California, sales tax.)

To order, e-mail lunasea at (@ spelled out to foil spammers!)

(For wholesale orders please inquire via email.)

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